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Why using corian surfaces for dental cabinetry worktops is beneficial?

Corian Pars dental London

At Pars Dental, we use Corian® surface materials for most of the cabinetry we manufacture for very good reason as Corian® is a world-class material and it's ideal for use in professional workplaces, especially dental surgeries.

Corian® was created by DuPont®, the same company that developed the remarkable Teflon, the life-saving Kevlar used for anti-bullet vests, the popular Neoprene, Nylon and many other revolutionary materials. The company's headquarters are located in Delaware, USA.

Corian® is composed of acrylic polymer, which are generally referred to as plastics, and alumina trihydrate (ATH), which is found in nature as the mineral gibbsite (hydrargillite). Corian® is non-porous and it can be thermoformed in a variety of shapes by heating it to 150°C, giving way to creative cabinetry design. Corian® is available in over 100 colours and patterns to date, so it's very flexible in terms of fitting in with your entire surgery design.

As a long term investment, Corian® more than pays for itself due to its durability, flexibility and hygienic properties. Scratches and nicks can be buffed out using an orbital sander, and once a year the whole worktop can be polished to look like new. If the worktop is particularly long or features multiple sides, the Corian® pieces can be invisibly joined together using the Corian®'s own colour-matched two-part acrylic epoxy. The joints are affectively seamless.

Corian® is manufactured in 3 thicknesses: 6, 12 and 19 mm. At Pars Dental, we find our customers usually prefer the 12 mm thickness as this is more than adequate to meet their further requirements.

All our worktops have MDF cores, as this adds strength and durability to the whole structure. So, whether you decide to go ahead with a simple cabinetry design or something more quirky, Corian® will definitely suit your needs in terms of reliability, usability and cost-effectiveness.

For more information about Corian® worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also like to visit our portfolio, where you can see a few excellent examples of our finest bespoke dental cabinetry using Corian® materials.


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