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KAVO E30 – the assistant unitand its advantages

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

We presented in our previous articles the advantages and the main features of both

and Swing Arm versions of one of the best selling dental chairs from Kavo, the Estetica E30. One other important aspect of this chair is the Assistant Unit, which has been designed in an innovative way to improve the space management and operation workflow.

The assistant element is easy to use with clearly arranged functions and direct selection buttons. As standard, it comes with:

+ Comfort control module

+ Venturi saliva ejector

+ Spray mist suction

+ Saliva Ejector

+ Swivelling assistant element

Optionally, you can purchase additional components, such as:

+ Venturi spray mist suction

+ Triple function handpiece One

+ Triple function handpiece

+ Curing light Poly One

+ Curing light Satelec MiniLED

+ Support for tray holder

The swivelling assistant element confers an ergonomic and healthy working posture for your assistant, with the compact body swivelling by 60 degrees. The flexibility of the element helps the assistant to reach the patient much easier.

If you wish to see the benefits yourself, why not coming to have a look in our showroom in Royal Arsenal. You can call our office to make an appointment or alternatively send an email, and a member of our team will introduce you the ambidextrous E30 which has to offer a great set of innovative features from Kavo.



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