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Intra Oral X-Ray



Discover X-Mind unity™, successor of X-Mind DC™, the famous bullet proof intraoral unit made by Satelec, Acteon Group. With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE technology, X-Mind unity brings the standard of X-ray generator to a very new level. Perfect accuracy and patient protection are what no other X-ray system has been able to reach so far.

From the Acteon R&D, this intraoral system has an exclusive advantage: the X-Mind unity communicates with the ACE technology present in the sensor SOPIX² inside. The latter analyzes in real time the amount of X-ray emission needed to enable perfect exposure of the image as well as patient dose reduction. The result is always an optimal image and until 50 % of saved radiation according to the patient morphology.

With the smallest focal spot of the field and a constant voltage of 60 kV or 70kV, X-Mind unity provides reproducible results and extremely high defined images. Your diagnosis is more reliable than ever. The precision given by the combination of X-Mind unity and the digital SOPIX² inside provides you with a resolution neighboring the 20 pair of lines.

The high frequency delivered by X-Mind unity makes up for voltage failures. The X-ray tube stocks sufficient energy to offer you an identical result, cliché after cliché, whether you have a film, a digital sensor or phosphorus plaque.

X-mind unity is not only an X-ray generator; it is also a daily work tool improving your comfort and productivity. With its advanced ergonomic design and intuitive grip, only one hand is needed to move X-Mind unity. Positioning can be done with minimum effort or stress. The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism keeps the unit steady and still, ensuring the clarity of your shots. Just grab, position and shoot!

Finally, X-Mind unity is configurable to fit into any operatory.  Whether top mount or bottom mount, different arm lengths offer unparalleled flexibility for how you install your x-ray generator.  No need to compromise - install the X-Mind unity exactly as your operatory needs it.



In contrast to AC units, this direct current powerhouse delivers strong benefits for your practice: shorter exposures, reduced radiation, and truly consistent image quality. Its industry leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Leading technology and daily dependability — the legendary Gendex reputation continues with the expert DC.


Coming from the manufacturer of the GX-770, the golden standard of reliability, the Gendex expert DC offers peace of mind for your practice. A sophisticated electrical design and rigorous test procedures allow Gendex to continue to deliver consistent reliability, shorter exposure time and reduced radiation, all while maximizing image quality.


The expert DC's industry-leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Its proven technology delivers consistent results with short exposures and maximizes image resolution by minimizing distortion. These features deliver radiographs with sharper detail for improved diagnostics.


Whether using digital sensors, PSP, or film, the expert DC provides dental team members with pratical solutions for maximum flexiblity. The main control panel offers 21 exposure settings plus fully-programmable anatomical presets allowing the clinician to efficiently choose the desired radiographic option.

In addition, the expert DC offers even more flexibility with Quickset control presets located on the X-ray tubehead.



When it comes to ergonomics, wireless convenience and image clarity, unrivalled HyperSphere technology places this high-frequency unit in a class of its own.


Able to revolve freely around the sphere, the lightweight, compact tube head reaches practically any position, including the vertical. Simply press the touch-sensitive zones to unlock the tube head for quick and easy positioning. As soon as you let go, the tube head is locked in place with the utmost precision.


Specifically designed for digital X-ray imaging, the constant potential tube head, combined with the smallest focal spot available for intraoral imaging (0.4 mm), guarantees consistently sharp images.


Collimation counts. Higher definition, lower exposure

With a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm, achieved thanks to an embedded collimator, RXDC eXTend generates far sharper images than standard X-ray units which typically feature a parallelism significantly limited by shorter collimation. Parallelism also reduces the irradiated surface area and, therefore, exposure.


Everything you need to obtain excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. This portable device offers a full range of easy-to-understand exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, both RXDC Hypersphere+ and RXDC eXtend automatically define the correct exposure.