Establishing a brand-new business, such as a dental practice, brings to attention the need of communicating the value to your potential customers. The simple fact that a business exists is not a guarantee that individuals will find it and use its valuable services. Assuming that the need of people to get their oral health in a better condition will push them to become paying customers may prove to be wrong, especially for new private practices.
Using professional marketing strategies, your dental clinic will embrace an identity, exposing transparently the range of benefits it brings to the open public, and this is where branding awareness comes in front line. Like every market, dental practices are engaged in a fierce competition. Taking advantage of powerful marketing tools, your business is heard and seen; it becomes a comparison reference with other rivals.
The importance of marketing must be a key factor to be considered when building strategies to start up or extend your client base. This is where we can help. Besides surgery design and architectural services, our design ability extends to other forms of practice presentation including brand identity, promotions, website and logo design. We have a talented team of professional web and graphic designers, with a sharp eye, who will work with you to create designs that work for your business and represent best your values. We produce great ideas that create impact and introduce the right message to your patients. Further reading will introduce you facts and useful information about Branding and Website Design, which are part of the Marketing Packages we offer.

Nowadays, most internet users carry the whole world in their pocket in the form of a smart phone. Those people expect to be able to find everything and anywhere at any given time. When they look for you, you must be sure you are there and meet their expectations. Internet professionals talk a lot about sales conversion rates, which means how many of your visitors become actual paying customers. The conversion rates accurately reflect how well your website performs and how much value it brings to your patients. Most of them prefer to book, pay and communicate online. Offering a range of tools which incorporate all these features, improves the customer experience, which, consequently, generates a positive feedback.
We, at Pars Dental, can deliver the best website design service. We study your competition, provide market research and implement your brand in a clever and unique design, built to last, improving your conversion rate. We use the latest user- friendly platforms, responsive design and create a memorable experience for your patients.
Search Engine Optimisation is a service that also has a significant level of importance. Using relevant text content, key words, tags and titles, improves the chances of your website to be present in search results. Since Google is changing its strategies and algorithm every year, it’s mandatory to keep up with their latest requirements.
For more information about how to get started with designing your innovative website, please read more about our Marketing Packages.

While some businesses take advantage of the strategical position of their building, and sell directly to the passing-by customers, a dental practice may find itself in a different scenario. When meeting a new or existing client, most professionals wear their best suits, use an appropriate language style and create the impression the other party expects. The same rule applies to businesses, the only difference consisting in the fact that the suit, the language style and the impression become your brand.
Choosing the concept and delivering the right message to your market may be daunting. Most potential customers have high expectations for the money they spend. Therefore, they need the awareness that your dental practice can achieve that. Incorporating the whole business in a smart and attractive brand makes it easier for individuals to understand who you are and what you do. It’s the best way to communicate your intentions and to establish a psychological bond with your clients.
As part of the branding process, we, at Pars Dental, provide a range of services from the research process to the actual materialising ideas, such as printing your business cards and outdoor signage. We would like to introduce you further on into a virtual world, where your website becomes, not only a live presentation in front of your customers, but the paramount selling tool.

Marketing Packages

At Pars Dental, we provide 3 packages which are designed to suit all your marketing needs.
If you are either a start-up business or an already established practice, we have the right tools for you.


+ branding & buisness identity
+ buisness cards
+ letterheads
+ compliment cards
+ envelopes
+ leaflets/flyers
+ posters
+ outdoor signage designe & fitting
+ copywright


+ website design & development
+ search engine optimisation
+ search engine indexing
+ google campaigins (Pay-Per-Click)
+ google local & maps integrations
+ social media integration
+ online booking system


+ newsletter & email marketing
+ news and blog content writing
+ video presentation
+ web video integration


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