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Bien Air

Top quality products for dental medicine, Bien-Air Dental is the worldwide largest manufacturer of superlative quality micromotors for dental medicine.

BienAir Straight Handpieces

The latest generation of handpieces are the result of our ongoing research and development work. They are designed to withstand the stresses resulting from repeating lateral pressure, while maintaining exceptional precision. You will also appreciate the absence of vibration, their quiet operation and their tried and tested bur locking system.

BienAir Contra-Angles

Bien-Air contra-angles: marvels of precision, offering reliability and quiet operation. The culmination of a long tradition of excellence, Bien-Air contra-angles boast a Soft Push push-button for easy bur release, DuaLook dual glass rod lighting and three Accu-Spray separate air/water sprays guaranteeing perfect nebulization. Their ideal ergonomic characteristics ensure an excellent trip while guaranteeing perfect handling. The latest developments in Bien-Air contra-angles incorporate a new shaft and gear system mounted on pre-stressed ball bearings. This offers vibration-free transmission and reduces energy loss. These new Bien-Air shaft and gear systems simultaneously provide outstanding smoothness and improved sensitivity. For your comfort and that of your patient. 

BienAir Contra-Angles Micro Series

Up to 40% more compact and 33% lighter, Micro-Series combinations offer perfect balance, exceptional power and unique versatility. Combined with short nose LED micromotors, Micro-Series contra-angles and handpieces redefine the standards for dental instruments.

Used together, the MX2 and Micro-Series contra-angle are no longer than a turbine. By reducing the size as much as possible, the balance point of the instrument/micromotor assembly has been moved noticeably forward. This results in perfect balance. The force required to keep the instrument in the hand has been significantly reduced. This allows for more accurate movements, with less fatigue at the end of the day.

BienAir Contra-Angle EVO. 15

Equipped with patented COOLTOUCH+ heat-arresting technology, EVO.15 is the only contra-angle proven never to exceed human body temperature. It features a considerably smaller and lighter shockproof head and premieres technological innovations ranging from a new spray/illumination system to an improved bur-locking system. Compatible with the complete range of Bien-Air micromotors.