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NSK’s strength comes from its consistent “build everything in-house” philosophy; from development to manufacturing, and from jigs to small parts. This enables us to shorten the time to the market, reduce production cost and perform thorough quality assurance.


Unique 45-degree angled head provides incredible accessibility.

The slim-form Ti-Max X450 series possesses a unique 45-degree angled head specially designed to access hard-to-reach areas for sectioning and extraction of third molars and other impacted teeth. The X450's robust 21 watts of cutting power and effective cooling system - featuring triple water jets - ensure safe and effective treatment during a variety of surgical procedures.


The innovative air turbine with ultra mini head and super slim body shape

The NSK S-Max pico series has been developed for the operation of Minimal Intervention (M.I). The ultra mini head and super slim handpiece design is the result of fine NSK precision engineering allowing a wider view of the operational field, and greater flexibility for dexterity.



Evolving to Redefine Performance

The Z turbine delivers consistent power, and due to its ergonomic design it is easier to handle and gives a more comfortable patient experience.

Z series turbines deliver everything and more than you would expect from a high performance air turbine. All of this is the result of our ethos of consistently aiming to exceed expectations, uncompromising product design and ultra precision manufacturing technology to deliver ever improving levels of comfort for clinicians and patient.


The smooth and comfortable usability creates a new trend in air turbines.

High-performance requirements to provide comfortable treatment are condensed into the beautiful and functional instrument body.

High power ensures a high degree of smoothness during cutting operations and operability and visibility are significantly improved.

Ti-Max Z, the top-of-the-line handpick model by NSK, offers a new style of dental treatment using air turbines.

NSK BASIC Pana-Max 2

Evolution of PANA-MAX

Pana-Max2 offers much more endurance and power than previous models, while being just as easy to handle.
Its sleek design provides maximum visibility of the operating field, easily reaching all areas of the oral cavity.


High performance reliable handpieces at an affordable price

The Pana-Max PLUS series of high speed handpieces has been enhanced to meet expectations in modern dental surgeries. Precision engineered to offer the power and reliability required to perform clinical procedures. The new Pana-Max PLUS turbine cartridge delivers increased smoothness, while the bur retention system has been engineered to securely retain the bur under increased torque loads. The stainless steel body is comfortable in the hand and is angulated at the optimum degree for excellent direct visibility of the operating site, without compromise.


Slim Ergonomic Design and Unrivalled Cutting Performance

S-Max M series air turbines feature unrivalled cutting performance, a slim ergonomically designed body and excellent visibility. It has been developed to realize what dentists need in their practice. NSK 'ISB' (Integrated Shaft Bearings) reduce vibration and guarantee more accurate and consistent cutting. For easy maintenance of S-Max M air turbines, cartridges can be replaced easily in your practice helping you to control cost and down-time. S-Max M series has been designed without compromise to pay attention to every detail.