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Panoramic X-Ray

Vatech Pax-i 3D

Powerful Diagnostic Value with Panoramic Images

01 - Optimal FOV Sizes for 3D Diagnosis

– Increase you diagnosis and treatment accuarcy
– Multi FOV sizes range from 5×5 to 12×9


5X5 scans are useful for a specific area diagnosis with minimum X-ray exposure for patients. It can especialy increades the
accuracy of endodontic diagnosis by exactly checking the amount of root canals and abnormal root canal shapes such as C-shapes that
are difficult to check using a 2D X-ray system.


8X5 scans can provide more extended oral information on maxillary or mandibular areas. An accurate treatment plan can be established by taking into account the major anatomical structures like mandibuar nerve, mental foramen or maxillary sinus.


8X8 scans enable comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning Including both maxillary and mandibular areas in a single scan. It is useful for complex implant surgery as well as left or right TMJ diagnosis.

FOV 12X9

12X9 scans can provde the most optimal information for oral diagnosis fully covering both maxillary and mandibuar structures including the 3rd molar region in a single scan it is suitable or most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgery.

02 - Special SW for Specialists

– Analyze 3d images with advanced tools and functions
– Ez3D supports effective and efficient communication with your patients

1Menu Bar
All functions of Ez3D Plus are provided in a pull down menu classified by category. 2Tool Bar
The tool bar provides the user with the most commonly used tools among the menu functions. 3View Mode
View Mode consists of MPR, Oblique, 3D Zoom, Curve, Cephalo and TMJ mode.

03 - 2Wide Range of Ceph Modes

– Scan Type: LAT/Full LAT
– One Shot Type: Small/Medium/Large


Provide specialized high quality images to suit orthodontics and maxillofacial surgeries.



Full lateral image size is 30% wider and shows the occipital area of the patient, which enables comprehensive diagnosis.

04 - Magic PAN

– It brings you the best optimized panoramic image
– Magic PAN applies to all areas of the image

Focused image is reorganized throughout the whole ental arch and the image quality can be increased.

The image becomes clearer especially in the incisor and canine region,TMJ areas and root canal.

Gendex GXDP 700


For over a century, Gendex has been dedicated to imaging excellence and providing total solutions that improve the clinical lives of doctors. This legacy of imaging solutions through award-winning products and extensive field testing now culminates in our latest innovation… the GXDP-700 Series, a 3-in-1 system that can help you achieve your clinical goals.

Along with the ability to transform from 2D Panoramics to Cephalometrics to 3D, the GXDP-700 Series gives clinicians dependable image capture of a wide variety of radiographs. These images are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, root investigation, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures, as well as patient education.


The GXDP-700 Series begins with a robust system with sophisticated styling and an ergonomic design. Beneath its beautiful, high-gloss exterior the system sports state-of-the-art electronics, heavy-duty components, and a sturdy, steel telescoping column. Gendex engineering and reliability provide its long-lasting dependable performance.

Inherent to all system configurations, and exclusive to Gendex, is SmartLogic Technology. When taking all 2D and 3D images, SmartLogic stores the most frequently used settings so setup time is reduced and the workflow is optimized.

The intuitive functionality of the GXDP-700’s touchscreen makes choosing imaging selections simple, efficient, and fast. Your clinical team members are sure to appreciate the easy-to-read screens with their easy-to-understand graphics.


The GXDP-700 Series is the perfect solution for progressive dentistry - dynamic, modular and expandable. As your practice grows and your procedure offerings expand, you can upgrade on your timeline and within your budget, seamlessly and affordably.


Now or in the future, with field upgradable options, you’re ready to take this hard-working pan to the next level of cephalometric, 3D SFOV imaging, or both. We’ve made it easy to build the system that’s right for you:

GXDP-700 Panoramic Imaging System
GXDP-700 C Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging System
GXDP-700 S Panoramic and 3D CBCT Imaging System
GXDP-700 SC Panoramic, 3D CBCT and Cephalometric Imaging System



From extractions to endodontics, orthodontics to implants, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. With an automated 2D/3D sensor exchange, two sensors that rotate to capture both 3D and panoramic, clinicians merely press a button to switch from taking 3D images to 2D panoramic projections. There’s no need to remove the panoramic sensor.


Your 3D workflow couldn’t be easier. After positioning the patient, use PerfectScout to zone in on the area of interest. This unique feature captures two, low-dose perpendicular images which display on the touchscreen panel. From there, the area of interest can be targeted — simply drag the crosshair into position, and then, initiate the scan.

Vatech Pax-i

Design your success story on digitalization

01 - Optimal Image Solution for Accurate Dental Diagnosis

PaX-i provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH. It always enables you to perform an accurate diagnosis with great satisfaction from patients in your clinic.

[Intuitive User Interface & Various Capture Modes]

1. Various capture modes to meet all of diagnostic requirements.
2. Capability to choose jaw shape and patient size to capture the most accurate image.
3. Fast capturing mode, segmented capturing mode, child mode considering reduced X-ray dose & time saving.

02 - Advanced Image Solution for Orthodontist

A) 2 dedicated sensors for Pano and Ceph -> It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow
B) 2 types of Cephalometric on your requirement : One shot / Scan type

A) Superior image quality delivered by the highly sensitive Flat Panel X-ray Detector
B) nel X-ray Detector

03 - 2 Dedicated Sensors for Pano/Ceph

A) Without the hassle to change the sensor, users could perform Pano / Ceph exposure with fast and comfortable workflow.
B) It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow.
C) Using a separate sensor extends the lifetime of sensors.

04 - Optimal product option for your requirement

Gendex GXDP 300


One Look at the new GXDP-300 and it’s clear that our focus is You. Image quality, performance, reliability, and affordability… leave it to Gendex to create a digital panoramic system with you in mind. The GXDP-300 incorporates the features you are looking for: the most commonly-used imaging modes; a simple, three-step process; and a sleek, compact body design that’s built for long life. With the GXDP-300 digital panorex system, you get exactly what your practice needs for diagnostic efficiency and improved office productivity — great-looking images at a competitive price.

It’s time to take a good look at what a Gendex digital panoramic system can do for you!


  • High-quality images meet diagnostic demands
  • Bitewing view comes standard along with Adult and Child Panoramic and TMJ projections
  • FOX™ (Focus-Optimized X-ray) technology increases the depth-of-field for optimized radiographic image clarity


  • Simple three-step operation — choose the projection, select the patient size, take the pan
  • EasyPosition™ system stabilizes patient for clear, consistent images in a short amount of time
  • Large LCD touchscreen interface makes program selection intuitive


  • Modern design in a compact footprint is an attractive addition into any practice
  • Engineering excellence and attentive customer support provide dependable operation
  • Integrates easily into the office network


Better diagnostics with panoramic imaging begins with accurate, clear views of the patient’s anatomy. The GXDP-300 features proprietary FOX™ technology to capture well-defined, high-quality images — in an instant — with consistent magnification and image uniformity. Utilize VixWin™ Platinum with its powerful imaging tools to advance diagnostic capabilities and accelerate workflow; or view images in a variety of imaging software programs employing GxTWAIN interface.


The EasyPosition system and instructive alignment guides appropriately place and stabilize patients of all sizes, including those needing wheelchair accessibility, to reduce movement and optimize accuracy. Complete your patient scans in just a few simple steps: using the touchscreen control panel, select the imaging projection, choose the appropriate patient size, and take the scan. It’s truly that fast and easy!

  • Chin rest with adaptable anterior position adjustment
  • Unique head support holds the patient stable to reduce movement
  • Ergonomically designed handgrips help enhance patient comfort
  • Laser alignment lights accurately guide patient positioning
  • Column controls for easy patient height adjustment

Intra Oral Camera

Vatech AnyCam Wireless


  • High speed digital wireless provides more clear live image without noise
  • Built-in mouse, useable as an intramural camera and mouse
  • Angled hand piece design, familiar and convenient
  • Big capacity battery, long time use
  • Slim head / 330 degrees rotation, easy to get approach anywhere oral cavity with slim head
  • OLED screen, bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device stats
  • Easy capture. Can take image by capture button on the device without other equipment.
  • Software compatibility
  • Windows support
  • Viewer included. EzDent-i compatible with Vatech’s Viewer S/W

Gendex GXC 300


Gendex continues their long tradition of providing dental professionals with quality imaging equipment with the GXC-300 lightweight intraoral camera. Combining the latest video technologies with the Gendex AcuCam expertise, the GXC-300 is an exceptional tool for patient education, higher case acceptance, and improved patient communication.


  • High-speed direct USB connection with no docking station required
  • Features a lightweight handpiece and reduced cabling
  • Disconnects effortlessly for quick transfer to another operatory


  • Camera activation controlled automatically by holster and always-active software interface
  • Holster can be mounted almost anywhere so it’s always within reach


  • Virtually eliminates image distortion by utilizing true optics
  • Sliding adjustable focus button for maximum performance in both intraoral and extraoral viewing modes
  • Side capture button allows for Quad-Image capture
  • State-of-the-art 4 LED lighting system



The “SOPROCARE” concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

The camera utilizes unique fluorescence technology (SOPRO patent* – 2003) to illuminate dental tissue to reveal caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode.

In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation, in PERIO mode too.
In Daylight Mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

The dental professional can now achieve complete prophylactic treatment with one device.

…the Revelation



Unique fluorescence protocol

A true advantage for practitioner and patient

ACTEON is the only company to provide a complete and patented solution assisted by fluorescence for unique prophylaxis care of the patient.
Follow the Fluorescence protocol through a reliable diagnosis of hygiene pathologies, a guided and shortened treatment and an improved patient motivation and implication. Fluorescence brings a new vision to your daily practice.

1 – Diagnosis and Communication with patients

SOPROCARE assists during prophylaxis and periodontal treatments by performing a complete and rapid assessment of the patient’s oral health, without adding any disclosing solution.
> INSTANTANEOUS PLAQUE DETECTION: shows the new and old plaque as shades of yellow and orange in PERIO mode.
> INFLAMMATION HIGHLIGHTING: shows severe as well as slight gingival inflammation from hues of pink to magenta in PERIO mode.
>RELIABLE CARIES DIAGNOSIS: makes an accurate diagnosis of enamo-dentinal caries in a simple way in CARIO mode.
> POWERFUL MACROVISION: makes visible the imperceptible and allows watching the evolution of micro lesions in DAYLIGHT mode.

2 – Guided treatment in real time

B.LED Technology simultaneously reveals and treats dental plaque.
Applied on teeth, F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED discloser targets dental plaque and turns fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece.
> HIGHLIGHTS DENTAL PLAQUE PERFECTLY for a guided clinical care.
> ENHANCES TREATMENT ACCURACY and avoids the overuse of instruments.
> IMPROVES CLINICAL QUALITY by fluorescent dental plaque revelation.

3 – Treatment finishing by Polishing

AIR-N-GO completes the prophylaxis session by removal pathogenic bacteria in difficult to access areas and promotes the good balance of the oral flora and the patient’s oral health.
> This deep cleaning with the wide range of AIR-N-GO powders will bring a refreshing experience to the patient.

4 – Control and follow-up

SOPROCARE provides effective treatment planning by comparing images from past patient visits in order to allow the ability to control the lesion progress.
SOPROCARE is not only a diagnostic and control tool for the practitioner, but also an efficient education and motivation tool for patients.

Durr VistaCam Digital

The VistaCam Digital has an all-round operating sensor which enables the best possible use of the Still/Live and Save functions in all possible imaging situations. Even in the molar region of the upper jaw, the VistaCam iX saves highquality, blur-free images – because the operator moves the camera, not the hand: The sensitive control function confirms the action tangibly at the handpiece. The sensitivity can even be adapted individually to each operator.

Perfect ergonomics at the handpiece:
Setting of extraoral, intraoral or macro at the IFC adjusting ring, operation with patented 360° all-round capture ring

Intra Oral Sensors

Gendex GXS 700


The GXS-700 sensors are designed to make migrating from film, or upgrading a digital system, easier than ever. As the eighth generation digital system from Gendex, the GXS-700 comes from a strong lineage of imaging excellence, raising the performance bar for other digital sensors. From ease-of-use and portability, to enhanced acuity and sustainability, these new sensors underscore our desire and commitment to help advance your practice with innovative and affordable solutions.

Take the GXS-700 digital sensors for a ride with this interactive 360-degree image.


Advanced CMOS sensor technology enhances image quality, 
elevating technical and diagnostic capabilities
Working within a wide dynamic range of X-ray exposure 
settings provides consistent image quality and repeatable results
High-performance sensor captures high resolution images, 
providing more than 20 visible line pairs per millimeter


Accommodate both children and adults
Rounded corners and smooth edge finishes comfortably fit the 
anatomical shape of the oral cavity
Durable materials and components increase the life span of the product


Ultra-portable sensors with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity
No need for USB controllers, adapters, or docking stations
Low power consumption
Open Software Architecture via GxPicture™


Utilizing the latest sensor technology, the GXS-700 system delivers real-time images of truly amazing clarity and detail — greatly supporting diagnosis and treatment.

Easily capture high definition images of both horizontal and vertical bitewings, as well as effortlessly capture challenging areas such as third molars and long-rooted canines.


Known for improving the clinical lives of dentists, Gendex engineered the GXS-700 for smooth integration into practice management systems. This creates more time for patient contact and additional appointments. The GXS-700 can be conveniently carried to wherever it is needed, from operatory to operatory, for fast, proficient service.

Its unique “Always Ready” feature automatically recognizes the presence of radiation and starts image acquisition without initiating the capture through software or hardware interfaces.

With its fast Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, you’ll save time every day, no matter the type of appointment. Digital images appear instantly, providing clinicians with immediate feedback. In an emergency, valuable time is not wasted waiting for film to develop, allowing you to quickly attend to your patient.

Vatech EZ Sensor

New EzSensor is...

- EzSensor is the latest digital intra oral sensor with round off edges to maximize the patient comfort. 
- The patterned internal metal casing and shock absorption design of EzSensor warrant the durability even the most harsh operating environment.
- The patterned cable connection structure reinforced the stability of the digital image processing while maximizing the flexibility to maintain the cable integrity during frequent and extreme bending.

The Competitiveness & merit of digital clinic

- The supreme quality of diagnostic images provided by EzSensor is essential to a successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment. 
- EzSensor improves the practice management efficiency by shortening the processing time for a diagnostic image without the hassle of film developer and dark room. 

Hybrid CMOS Technology

- EzSensor is equipped with Hybrid CMOS technology( Onchip Trigger, Switching, Redundancy Signal) to provide the highest image quality.
- Its plug-in type USB 2.0 PC Interface guarantees the user convenience and simple interaction.

The Superior Image Quality

EzSensor is based on the Hybrid CMOS technology. It provides a consistently higher resolution and clearer image for exact diagnosis and treatment planning.


The EzSensor’s unique design makes it extremely durable. The exterior is covered with PORON to absorb any external shock. Furthermore, a reinforced, flexible cable attachment protects the sensor from excessive bending.


EzSensor is design with rounded corner and thinner thickness to ensure the complete patient comfort and easy positioning. These ergonomic features of the sensor offer the patient exceptional satisfaction whilst taking images.

Easy to Use

Customised Cone-Indicator (XCP-DS) for EzSensor by RINN (Option)
4 types of colour for intuitive discernment of use: Bitewing, Interior, Posterior, Endodontic placement.

Fast & Efficient Workflow

Experience high efficiency with EzSensor, with its unmatched simplicity and reliability. EzSensor offers you faster image acquisition and real time transmission. EzSensor uses USB 2.0 for unparalleled connectability to any PC in the clinic.

Intra Oral X-Ray



In contrast to AC units, this direct current powerhouse delivers strong benefits for your practice: shorter exposures, reduced radiation, and truly consistent image quality. Its industry leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Leading technology and daily dependability — the legendary Gendex reputation continues with the expert DC.


Coming from the manufacturer of the GX-770, the golden standard of reliability, the Gendex expert DC offers peace of mind for your practice. A sophisticated electrical design and rigorous test procedures allow Gendex to continue to deliver consistent reliability, shorter exposure time and reduced radiation, all while maximizing image quality.


The expert DC's industry-leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Its proven technology delivers consistent results with short exposures and maximizes image resolution by minimizing distortion. These features deliver radiographs with sharper detail for improved diagnostics.


Whether using digital sensors, PSP, or film, the expert DC provides dental team members with pratical solutions for maximum flexiblity. The main control panel offers 21 exposure settings plus fully-programmable anatomical presets allowing the clinician to efficiently choose the desired radiographic option.

In addition, the expert DC offers even more flexibility with Quickset control presets located on the X-ray tubehead.



Discover X-Mind unity™, successor of X-Mind DC™, the famous bullet proof intraoral unit made by Satelec, Acteon Group. With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE technology, X-Mind unity brings the standard of X-ray generator to a very new level. Perfect accuracy and patient protection are what no other X-ray system has been able to reach so far.

From the Acteon R&D, this intraoral system has an exclusive advantage: the X-Mind unity communicates with the ACE technology present in the sensor SOPIX² inside. The latter analyzes in real time the amount of X-ray emission needed to enable perfect exposure of the image as well as patient dose reduction. The result is always an optimal image and until 50 % of saved radiation according to the patient morphology.

With the smallest focal spot of the field and a constant voltage of 60 kV or 70kV, X-Mind unity provides reproducible results and extremely high defined images. Your diagnosis is more reliable than ever. The precision given by the combination of X-Mind unity and the digital SOPIX² inside provides you with a resolution neighboring the 20 pair of lines.

The high frequency delivered by X-Mind unity makes up for voltage failures. The X-ray tube stocks sufficient energy to offer you an identical result, cliché after cliché, whether you have a film, a digital sensor or phosphorus plaque.

X-mind unity is not only an X-ray generator; it is also a daily work tool improving your comfort and productivity. With its advanced ergonomic design and intuitive grip, only one hand is needed to move X-Mind unity. Positioning can be done with minimum effort or stress. The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism keeps the unit steady and still, ensuring the clarity of your shots. Just grab, position and shoot!

Finally, X-Mind unity is configurable to fit into any operatory.  Whether top mount or bottom mount, different arm lengths offer unparalleled flexibility for how you install your x-ray generator.  No need to compromise - install the X-Mind unity exactly as your operatory needs it.



When it comes to ergonomics, wireless convenience and image clarity, unrivalled HyperSphere technology places this high-frequency unit in a class of its own.


Able to revolve freely around the sphere, the lightweight, compact tube head reaches practically any position, including the vertical. Simply press the touch-sensitive zones to unlock the tube head for quick and easy positioning. As soon as you let go, the tube head is locked in place with the utmost precision.


Specifically designed for digital X-ray imaging, the constant potential tube head, combined with the smallest focal spot available for intraoral imaging (0.4 mm), guarantees consistently sharp images.


Collimation counts. Higher definition, lower exposure

With a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm, achieved thanks to an embedded collimator, RXDC eXTend generates far sharper images than standard X-ray units which typically feature a parallelism significantly limited by shorter collimation. Parallelism also reduces the irradiated surface area and, therefore, exposure.


Everything you need to obtain excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. This portable device offers a full range of easy-to-understand exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, both RXDC Hypersphere+ and RXDC eXtend automatically define the correct exposure.

Digital Scanners

Acteon New PSPIX

The first personal imaging plate scanner

Compact design and easy to access: the smallest imaging plate scanner on the market for your personal convenience.
Images in seconds: you no longer need to move to another room to scan your images.

Featuring an exclusive “Click & Scan” concept, the new PSPIX is totally intuitive: make your selection on the large touchscreen, drop in your imaging plate and let the PSPIX do the rest…
With its revolutionary size, design and user-friendliness, the new PSPIX is so impressive and appealing that all dentists will want to buy one.
The new PSPIX is as much as three times smaller than other imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the market!

Dentists can now put a PSPIX next to each operating chair to improve their workflow and productivity. An exceptional, high quality, sharp image can be obtained within a few seconds, allowing a clinical diagnosis to be made very quickly.
Featuring the exclusive “Click & Scan” concept, the new PSPIX is also designed for multi-use and can be shared by up to ten workstations at any one time!

Finally, the new PSPIX is the only scanner on the market with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection.

With the new PSPIX, ACTEON has created the first personal imaging plate scanner which produces the best results for every dentist making it exclusive!

Durr VistaScan Mini View

The image plate scanner with a touchscreen for intraoral formats

The new VistaScan Mini View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitisation of image plates. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen with its easy-to-use user interface contributes to this. Its compact size and integrated wireless functions make the device really flexible.


Top image quality
High-resolution touchscreen
ScanManager for optimum workflow
For all intraoral formats
Reliability thanks to internal memory
PC connection via WLAN/LAN
Standalone mode possible

A new standard for image plate scanners

The new compact VistaScan Mini View impresses users with its tried-and-trusted technology and the excellent image quality of the VistaScan family. It also offers numerous functions which noticeably increase comfort, efficiency and safety during every day work. This gives the surgery team the confidence that they can rely on their equipment.

The best possible detection of details - reliable diagnostics

The level of detection of details achieved by the VistaScan image plates is superior to that of both X-ray film and other image plate systems. This provides dentists with a sound basis for making reliable diagnoses. The DBSWIN imaging software provides help in this regard and ensures ergonomic work processes. The VistaScan Mini View can even be used with other common software if necessary.

The easy way from the film to the image plate

Dürr Dental image plate technology ensures an extremely easy switch from X-ray film to a digital workflow. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from those for analogue film, there‘s not really anything new to learn. The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for both the surgery team and patients: It is easier to position and sits more comfortably in the patient‘s mouth. Once an image has been taken, it appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. The durable image plate is then immediately ready to be used again.

Durr VistaScan Mini Plus

VistaScan Mini Plus – “red dot design award winner 2011“

Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in dentistry, Dürr Dental has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery.

Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands.

More than 40 years' experience in the development of X-ray technology leads time and again to practice-oriented and innovative solutions.

The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room.

The advantage:

X-ray and scanning directly at the chairside with full flexibility in the image formats. The re-usable VistaScan image plates are read out in top quality within seconds.There's never been a better time to change over to plates.

Gendex GXPS 500


Your practice can fast track into digital imaging with the speedy, compact GXPS-500 PSP. Acquire clear, sharp images and gain fast digital scanning while keeping the office’s familiar workflow process and preserving your past investment in X-ray equipment, whether its AC or DC.

Flexible and thin, wireless PSP plates match the sizes and are positioned in the same manner as traditional film. In an instant, imaging plates are converted and cleared for re-use, and digital images are ready for review and diagnosis. With the GXPS-500, you’ll efficiently eliminate the cost, time, and messiness associated with traditional film processing and effectively advance your practice’s technology.


Replace the cost and inconvenience of the film processor with reusable, long-lasting PSP imaging plates. A touchless end-to-end workflow keeps plates protected, decontaminated, and performing dependably time-aftertime.

The system scans and delivers images for intraoral (0, 1, 2, 3) sizes in seconds, successfully imaging patients of all sizes and all types of anatomies. High-quality digital images can be shared over a network, making this PSP particularly economical for large practices.

The GXPS-500 comes with a full set of accessories, including 18 imaging plates, protective covers, hygienic bags and a plate storage box. Optional cutting-edge Gendex VixWin™ Platinum software let’s you further enhance your digital radiology capabilities.


Ready to work virtually out-of-the-box, the GXPS-500 installs and integrates easily and requires minimal training. Your staff will appreciate the simplicity of its film-like workflow and the immediate benefits of reliable, consistent digital image output.

A speedy, 5 to 7-second image readout time accelerates the entire process, delivering highly diagnostic digital images to any PC while reducing wait-time for all. As a sharp, clear image appears on screen, an auto-erase feature simultaneously clears the plate for the next reading. With no film to duplicate, digital images are easily shared and stored and readily available for review, archive or email.


Reliably capture consistently clear images in full daylight, without any of the worries of over- or underexposure. The GXPS-500 features reusable phosphor plates that slip into a protective cover and a hygienic barrier. This touchless system safeguards against scratches and fingerprints to promote long plate life. The quick and easy SmartFeed™ loading system minimises errors by guiding correct plate orientation and eliminating the risk of lost or low-quality images due to incorrect feeding.

During processing, plates are cleared and ready for immediate re-use in seconds. With no chemicals to use, store, replace, and dispose, you’ll find the GXPS-500 a faster, smarter, and safer option for your office, your staff, and the environment.