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Intra Oral Camera

Vatech AnyCam Wireless


  • High speed digital wireless provides more clear live image without noise
  • Built-in mouse, useable as an intramural camera and mouse
  • Angled hand piece design, familiar and convenient
  • Big capacity battery, long time use
  • Slim head / 330 degrees rotation, easy to get approach anywhere oral cavity with slim head
  • OLED screen, bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device stats
  • Easy capture. Can take image by capture button on the device without other equipment.
  • Software compatibility
  • Windows support
  • Viewer included. EzDent-i compatible with Vatech’s Viewer S/W

Gendex GXC 300


Gendex continues their long tradition of providing dental professionals with quality imaging equipment with the GXC-300 lightweight intraoral camera. Combining the latest video technologies with the Gendex AcuCam expertise, the GXC-300 is an exceptional tool for patient education, higher case acceptance, and improved patient communication.


  • High-speed direct USB connection with no docking station required
  • Features a lightweight handpiece and reduced cabling
  • Disconnects effortlessly for quick transfer to another operatory


  • Camera activation controlled automatically by holster and always-active software interface
  • Holster can be mounted almost anywhere so it’s always within reach


  • Virtually eliminates image distortion by utilizing true optics
  • Sliding adjustable focus button for maximum performance in both intraoral and extraoral viewing modes
  • Side capture button allows for Quad-Image capture
  • State-of-the-art 4 LED lighting system



The “SOPROCARE” concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

The camera utilizes unique fluorescence technology (SOPRO patent* – 2003) to illuminate dental tissue to reveal caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode.

In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation, in PERIO mode too.
In Daylight Mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

The dental professional can now achieve complete prophylactic treatment with one device.

…the Revelation



Unique fluorescence protocol

A true advantage for practitioner and patient

ACTEON is the only company to provide a complete and patented solution assisted by fluorescence for unique prophylaxis care of the patient.
Follow the Fluorescence protocol through a reliable diagnosis of hygiene pathologies, a guided and shortened treatment and an improved patient motivation and implication. Fluorescence brings a new vision to your daily practice.

1 – Diagnosis and Communication with patients

SOPROCARE assists during prophylaxis and periodontal treatments by performing a complete and rapid assessment of the patient’s oral health, without adding any disclosing solution.
> INSTANTANEOUS PLAQUE DETECTION: shows the new and old plaque as shades of yellow and orange in PERIO mode.
> INFLAMMATION HIGHLIGHTING: shows severe as well as slight gingival inflammation from hues of pink to magenta in PERIO mode.
>RELIABLE CARIES DIAGNOSIS: makes an accurate diagnosis of enamo-dentinal caries in a simple way in CARIO mode.
> POWERFUL MACROVISION: makes visible the imperceptible and allows watching the evolution of micro lesions in DAYLIGHT mode.

2 – Guided treatment in real time

B.LED Technology simultaneously reveals and treats dental plaque.
Applied on teeth, F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED discloser targets dental plaque and turns fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece.
> HIGHLIGHTS DENTAL PLAQUE PERFECTLY for a guided clinical care.
> ENHANCES TREATMENT ACCURACY and avoids the overuse of instruments.
> IMPROVES CLINICAL QUALITY by fluorescent dental plaque revelation.

3 – Treatment finishing by Polishing

AIR-N-GO completes the prophylaxis session by removal pathogenic bacteria in difficult to access areas and promotes the good balance of the oral flora and the patient’s oral health.
> This deep cleaning with the wide range of AIR-N-GO powders will bring a refreshing experience to the patient.

4 – Control and follow-up

SOPROCARE provides effective treatment planning by comparing images from past patient visits in order to allow the ability to control the lesion progress.
SOPROCARE is not only a diagnostic and control tool for the practitioner, but also an efficient education and motivation tool for patients.

Durr VistaCam Digital

The VistaCam Digital has an all-round operating sensor which enables the best possible use of the Still/Live and Save functions in all possible imaging situations. Even in the molar region of the upper jaw, the VistaCam iX saves highquality, blur-free images – because the operator moves the camera, not the hand: The sensitive control function confirms the action tangibly at the handpiece. The sensitivity can even be adapted individually to each operator.

Perfect ergonomics at the handpiece:
Setting of extraoral, intraoral or macro at the IFC adjusting ring, operation with patented 360° all-round capture ring