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Digital Scanners

Durr VistaScan Mini Plus

VistaScan Mini Plus – “red dot design award winner 2011“

Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in dentistry, Dürr Dental has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery.

Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands.

More than 40 years' experience in the development of X-ray technology leads time and again to practice-oriented and innovative solutions.

The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room.

The advantage:

X-ray and scanning directly at the chairside with full flexibility in the image formats. The re-usable VistaScan image plates are read out in top quality within seconds.There's never been a better time to change over to plates.

Acteon New PSPIX

The first personal imaging plate scanner

Compact design and easy to access: the smallest imaging plate scanner on the market for your personal convenience.
Images in seconds: you no longer need to move to another room to scan your images.

Featuring an exclusive “Click & Scan” concept, the new PSPIX is totally intuitive: make your selection on the large touchscreen, drop in your imaging plate and let the PSPIX do the rest…
With its revolutionary size, design and user-friendliness, the new PSPIX is so impressive and appealing that all dentists will want to buy one.
The new PSPIX is as much as three times smaller than other imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the market!

Dentists can now put a PSPIX next to each operating chair to improve their workflow and productivity. An exceptional, high quality, sharp image can be obtained within a few seconds, allowing a clinical diagnosis to be made very quickly.
Featuring the exclusive “Click & Scan” concept, the new PSPIX is also designed for multi-use and can be shared by up to ten workstations at any one time!

Finally, the new PSPIX is the only scanner on the market with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection.

With the new PSPIX, ACTEON has created the first personal imaging plate scanner which produces the best results for every dentist making it exclusive!

Durr VistaScan Mini View

The image plate scanner with a touchscreen for intraoral formats

The new VistaScan Mini View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitisation of image plates. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen with its easy-to-use user interface contributes to this. Its compact size and integrated wireless functions make the device really flexible.


Top image quality
High-resolution touchscreen
ScanManager for optimum workflow
For all intraoral formats
Reliability thanks to internal memory
PC connection via WLAN/LAN
Standalone mode possible

A new standard for image plate scanners

The new compact VistaScan Mini View impresses users with its tried-and-trusted technology and the excellent image quality of the VistaScan family. It also offers numerous functions which noticeably increase comfort, efficiency and safety during every day work. This gives the surgery team the confidence that they can rely on their equipment.

The best possible detection of details - reliable diagnostics

The level of detection of details achieved by the VistaScan image plates is superior to that of both X-ray film and other image plate systems. This provides dentists with a sound basis for making reliable diagnoses. The DBSWIN imaging software provides help in this regard and ensures ergonomic work processes. The VistaScan Mini View can even be used with other common software if necessary.

The easy way from the film to the image plate

Dürr Dental image plate technology ensures an extremely easy switch from X-ray film to a digital workflow. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from those for analogue film, there‘s not really anything new to learn. The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for both the surgery team and patients: It is easier to position and sits more comfortably in the patient‘s mouth. Once an image has been taken, it appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. The durable image plate is then immediately ready to be used again.

Gendex GXPS 500


Your practice can fast track into digital imaging with the speedy, compact GXPS-500 PSP. Acquire clear, sharp images and gain fast digital scanning while keeping the office’s familiar workflow process and preserving your past investment in X-ray equipment, whether its AC or DC.

Flexible and thin, wireless PSP plates match the sizes and are positioned in the same manner as traditional film. In an instant, imaging plates are converted and cleared for re-use, and digital images are ready for review and diagnosis. With the GXPS-500, you’ll efficiently eliminate the cost, time, and messiness associated with traditional film processing and effectively advance your practice’s technology.


Replace the cost and inconvenience of the film processor with reusable, long-lasting PSP imaging plates. A touchless end-to-end workflow keeps plates protected, decontaminated, and performing dependably time-aftertime.

The system scans and delivers images for intraoral (0, 1, 2, 3) sizes in seconds, successfully imaging patients of all sizes and all types of anatomies. High-quality digital images can be shared over a network, making this PSP particularly economical for large practices.

The GXPS-500 comes with a full set of accessories, including 18 imaging plates, protective covers, hygienic bags and a plate storage box. Optional cutting-edge Gendex VixWin™ Platinum software let’s you further enhance your digital radiology capabilities.


Ready to work virtually out-of-the-box, the GXPS-500 installs and integrates easily and requires minimal training. Your staff will appreciate the simplicity of its film-like workflow and the immediate benefits of reliable, consistent digital image output.

A speedy, 5 to 7-second image readout time accelerates the entire process, delivering highly diagnostic digital images to any PC while reducing wait-time for all. As a sharp, clear image appears on screen, an auto-erase feature simultaneously clears the plate for the next reading. With no film to duplicate, digital images are easily shared and stored and readily available for review, archive or email.


Reliably capture consistently clear images in full daylight, without any of the worries of over- or underexposure. The GXPS-500 features reusable phosphor plates that slip into a protective cover and a hygienic barrier. This touchless system safeguards against scratches and fingerprints to promote long plate life. The quick and easy SmartFeed™ loading system minimises errors by guiding correct plate orientation and eliminating the risk of lost or low-quality images due to incorrect feeding.

During processing, plates are cleared and ready for immediate re-use in seconds. With no chemicals to use, store, replace, and dispose, you’ll find the GXPS-500 a faster, smarter, and safer option for your office, your staff, and the environment.