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NSK Surgic Pro

NSK offers advanced technology to greatly anhance clinical performance.

Surgic Pro is compact, lightweight and powerful to reliably deliver everything that professionals demand.

An advanced surgical motor for demanding clinical environments

NSK developed the Surgic Pro SGL70M by analysing feedback from clinicians to ensure that this 5th generation surgical micromotor satisfies professional requirements. The light and compact Surgic Pro SGL70M features an LED light for high visibility, with up to 80Ncm of torque for diverse surgical procedures, paving the way for an advanced treatment environment.

VarioSurg3 x Surgic Pro+

The synergistic effect produced by the "Link Function".

Using the link function, it is possible to operate both the Surgic Pro+ oral surgery micromotor system and the VarioSurg3 ultrasonic bone surgery system with a single foot control. The synergistic effect produced by the controlling of each system via common interface makes it suitable for a variety of surgical procedures and achieves simple and stress-free operation.

Bien Air

Bien Air Chiropro L

The Chiropro L incorporates 7 of the leading implant systems on the market with their complete sequences. The Chiropro L can also be customized according to your needs.

From preparation of the implant site to implant fastening, the pre-programmed clinical sequence is displayed on screen. Only a few seconds are needed to define, save or modify your program.
Designed to simplify your daily practice, the Chiropro L unit is infinitely versatile, allowing numerous clinical applications such as implantology, endodontics and dental surgery.

Bien-Air has designed a new patented peristaltic pump. The single-use irrigation lines incorporate an insertion support ensuring very easy handling
and optimum hygiene.

The Chiropro L is pre-programmed for the following implant systems:
- Straumann
- Nobel Biocare
- Zimmer
- Dentsply-Friadent
- Biomet 3i
- AstraTech
- Thommen Medical
- Free system

Bien Air iChiropro


The only system that allows you to plan operations and place up to 8 implants simultaneously.

Equipped with an application that is regularly updated with new features, the upgradeable iChiropro is a versatile and ergonomic system offering guaranteed efficiency.

Micromotor with ceramic ball bearings, and contra-angle with an irrigation system inside the instrument. Straight handpiece with high rotation speed.

Application 2.1

The possibilities for developing your implantology and surgery system are endless – and free. New, innovative functions will be regularly integrated in your system as our applications are developed and updated.


Up to eight implants can be placed simultaneously. The same step can be carried out on all the implants at once. Reduced handling of instruments and adjustments during the procedure. Increased efficiency.


Option to plan procedures by adjusting the various parameters for each operating sequence in advance. Quick and easy import of planning data from the coDiagnostiX™ software (currently available for Straumann implants only). This reduces the number of adjustments made during the procedure and allows you to focus on the essential: the patient.


The operating sequence settings for the main implant systems are integrated into a library that is constantly being updated. This ensures the procedure is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Parameters can be changed at any point during the procedure.


Satelec Implant Center 2

Implant Center™ 2 symbolizes the perfect association of safety and speed. Its elegant design, its convex shape and its large touch-sensitive screen make it the ideal combined device dedicated to bone surgery. Its complete offer consists of three modes:
- Piezotome® for ultrasonic pre-implant surgery,
- I-Surge LED™ implantology motor,
- Newtron® for all conventional treatments.

The Piezotome LED handpiece features a long-life light ring incorporating six ultra-powerful LEDs (100 000 Lux). Cold light guarantees better recognition of the surrounding tissues. Really easy to clean, the LED handpiece is autoclavable at 134°C.

This second generation unites the quintessence of the latest Satelec® technology, in particular the marge footswitch that manages progressivity of the motor and the ultrasonics.

NB: This system is indicated for Dental and Implant surgery procedures only. The use of this system within a Clinical or Medical Operating Room setting constitutes Off-Label use.



• Operate safely with high precisionthanks to one of the world‘s lightest and smallest micro-motor and auto-calibration
• Rely on high performance with 80 Ncm torque at the instrument
• Save time with easy-to-use features such as color display and programming

Put yourself in the precision to relax.

More safety with high precision

• Auto-calibration guarantees precise speed and torque for maximum safety
• Work ergonomically with one of the world‘s lightest and smallest surgical motor 
• Smooth and vibration-free
Surgery system featuring high precision.

Six Customizable Parameters
 Treatment steps (max. 10)
• Change of contra-angle transmission ratio 
• Max speed
• Max torque 
• Pumping power (0 – 4) 
• Motor Forward/Reverse

Less hassle with time saving features
• Easy to learn with intuitive programming 
• Easy to use with quick info Icons and color display 
• Easy to clean