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• Operate safely with high precisionthanks to one of the world‘s lightest and smallest micro-motor and auto-calibration
• Rely on high performance with 80 Ncm torque at the instrument
• Save time with easy-to-use features such as color display and programming

Put yourself in the precision to relax.

More safety with high precision

• Auto-calibration guarantees precise speed and torque for maximum safety
• Work ergonomically with one of the world‘s lightest and smallest surgical motor 
• Smooth and vibration-free
Surgery system featuring high precision.

Six Customizable Parameters
 Treatment steps (max. 10)
• Change of contra-angle transmission ratio 
• Max speed
• Max torque 
• Pumping power (0 – 4) 
• Motor Forward/Reverse

Less hassle with time saving features
• Easy to learn with intuitive programming 
• Easy to use with quick info Icons and color display 
• Easy to clean