Dental cabinetry material choice: MDF vs. Chipboard

Dental cabinetry material choice: MDF vs. Chipboard

Last week we wrote about the great advantages of using Corian® worktops and how would this impact your daily workflow and long term maintenance in your surgery.

Once you have made the decision to update or up grand your surgery worktops and cabinetry you will need to decide the best time to carry out the work with minimum impact on your practice. Obviously you will need to curtail closure times so not to lose income and minimise patient inconvenience. The materials you choose for your dental cabinetry and corian worktops can have a dramatic affect on how often you may need to refurbish your surgeries. Any increase in the lifetime of your cabinetry will not only directly impact your work flow and storage but also future budgeting and overall profitability.


Chipboard is also known as particleboard, and it's made of wood chips, sawmill shavings and sometimes even saw dust, which are mixed with a synthetic resin. The composite is then pressed and extruded. Chipboard is denser than solid wood, but usually much lighter and weaker, failing to perform in long term usage, especially in humid environments. It's cost effective and provides a decent level of strength for short to medium term use.

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)

MDF is also an engineered wood product, but the instead of wood chips, wood fibres are used in the manufacturing process. MDF is much denser and much stronger than chipboard. It only began to be manufactured in the '80s, in North America and Europe,but has become an extremely popular material with good reason.

MDF may vary in terms of fibre density which is used to form the actual sheet, and is classified into 3 main categories: Light, Standard and High density.

Due to its physical properties, MDF outbids the chipboard when it comes to dental cabinetry manufacturing. Strength, durability and high moisture-resistant factor are 3 important factors which matter when you use your cabinetry on day-to-day basis in an environment that can become very humid.

At Pars Dental, we choose to use only MDF in our dental cabinetry and chipboard for some of the office furniture and reception desks. Depending on application, both materials can perform well, and with the suitable maintenance, our bespoke designs can be enjoyed in your dental practice for many years.