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EDARREDO’s stylish range of cabinets, offer a great idea of compactness and practicality, the synthesis of their long experience. The cabinets and all the metal parts are made of 10/10 grade zinc coated sheet steel, treated against corrosion and then electrostatically coated with non-toxic epoxy resin paint. These features, together with a personal design, set the product at a high level of quality.

Edarredo Klass Evolution

Taking care of yourself starts with Wellness

Edarredo professional solutions not only comply with ergonomic and hygienic rules which are a must for a professional environment, but are also dedicated to those who consider a warm welcome and wellness both irreplaceable values. Klass represents evolution in professional furnishing enhancing an elegant design as well as an essential aspect of operativity: light, evenly diffused on the glass top. Klass, designed for extraordinary actions.


“Light” crystals
Improving the vision of the working area is essential for a quality result. Klass offers a truly effective back lighting system for the tops as it distributes the light evenly over the entire surface reducing eyestrain. Klass, evolution in light.

Corian® purity on “wall-mounted” units
The Corian® top and wash basin lend a certain aesthetic lightness and purity to Klass thanks to the use of a highly hygienic solid surface. The wall-hanging unit solution shows a minimal and elegant look, and the total absence of floor standing elements is ideal for an easier cleaning and sanifying. Even the minutest detail inside the high capacity mobile unit is well organised: it completes the Klass furnishing proposal in the black & white version.

Efficiency on many levels
The capability to assist of the Klass furnishing accessories is astonishing. The KEV762 module in the dynamic version: a 100 cm top with 5 highly versatile and functional drawers. Colour is an all-important choice as it reveals yourpersonality, it communicates in each detail of our solutions, as well as a dress would do, and it’s available in a wide range of RAL colours.

London, New York, Tokyo, Paris: Klass is everywhere
Made in Italy design is always the feather in the cap all over the world. Klass interprets professional furnishing with a particularly eyecatching look where the ergonomic, hygienic and functional aspects, blend in perfectly with modern aesthetics thus making itself being appreciated everywhere and anywhere.

“Stainless” handles
Klass has three handle models in brush finished stainless steel, each one designed to lend simple charm and sobriety to the composition, unmatched for manageability and durability. The “minimal” Klass version is represented by the Inline solution with push-pull systemfor opening doors and drawers.

Water, light, colour. Klass, a natural choice
A luminous space open to a natural vision for more comfort and wellbeing. Klass offers wall-mounted modules, light to the eye, with a compact and well organised structure. The glass top with wide reaching illumination guarantees maximum visibility and working efficiency.

Beauty is synonym for care
Reliability, technical skill, interaction and great care in the professional environment make the difference in the quality of the service of all professionals having to deal with “Health and Beauty”. Klass is a precious tool for improving your work and at the same time the wellness of those who entrust themselves to your cares.

Klass washbasins
In glass or Corian® freedom of action.
With Klass you can choose among five different colours for the glass washbasins besides the fine Corian® version which provides maximum hygiene, resistance and beauty.

Klass stainless steel handles

Edarredo Alu Spaces / Alu Kap

Alu Space & Alu Kap, two extremely flexible and combinable products
Designed for professional environments and satisfying every requirement with all the ergonomic and space demands. AluSpace & AluKap are equipped with worktops available in different materials and finishes to make the working area pleasant and comfortable. Thanks to AluSpaces and AluKap spaces take shape.

The professional environment is made up of light, material and colours
Furniture pieces recognizable by fluent and well-defined lines, combining aesthetic and functional aspects. Steel, Corian®, glass, give shape and lend durability to every customized solution.

Spotlight on ergonomics
Hanging cabinets in satin glass, with vertical opening, easy to use. Height adjustable shelves, capacity and functionality at the same time.

Dimensions and modulability
AluSpace & AluKap guarantee extreme modulability and a perfect fit in any place. The two collections can be combined and integrated as desired, thus creating multifunction workstations. Worktops with integrated sink are shaped and created to improve performances of the operative room, where special attention to hygiene and cleaning is given.

Efficency and design in “minimal” spaces
AluSpaces is a system by Edarredo, which is compactly furnished and perfectly organized within 150 cm. Its ergonomic structure allows instant access to instruments, facilitating the professional in the operational phase. The idea on which this project is based consists of a combination between function and design, which allows different versions, to satisfy all aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Work instruments need “organized” hygienical places
ALU 291 is a dynamic and multifunctional workstation, ready to be fully equipped. The very wide worktop, the high capacity of the drawers, which allows hygiene and organization of instruments and devices, transportability, make this trolley the ideal solution for surgery and implantology. With its width of only 100 cm, ALU 291 is completed with: worktop with customizable materials and colours, 8 drawers including two deeper ones with compartments, stainless steel fronts. That’s an advanced solution up to your skills.

Innovative design for professional furniture
Corian® is the protagonist of worktops of AluKap and AluSpaces, and is the most evolved solution, combining design and functionality. Alu becomes thus an extraordinary technical support and a high quality design piece, enhancing the work environment and improving operators’ comfort.

Assisted in perfect hygiene and efficiency
System AluKap is a multifunction workstation, complete with many drawers and doors with different dimensions, in order to give every instruments the right place. Hygiene and efficiency are essential values to guarantee “professionality”.

Attention to detail in the quality improvement
Professional areas enhance their spaces through glasstops, available in various colours. Drawers, removable baskets and trolleys can be equipped and customized as desired. The careful attention to detail form substantial part of the project quality.

Efficency and organization in the spotlight
The combination of AluSpaces and AluKap, enhances and furnishes the professional environment in an excellent way, combining efficiency in a multifunctional structure, practical and extremely hygienic.

Glasstops and Corian®
Corian® tops, glasstops available in twelve colours, minimalist style handles. The variety of materials and colours allow unlimited personalization of the workplace, something which gains more and more importance in the professional environments.

Edarredo WINN

Edarredo WINN fits in professional areas, where more attention is paid to the functional and aesthetically aspect, as well as the economic one.

The PRESTIGE model of WINN is characterised by crystal worktop, in 12 colours available, giving the professional environment a relaxed atmosphere.

The WINN collection has been enriched with new solutions and refined with new materials. The tinted crystal tops with integrated sink or mirror polished inbox sink, make WINN elegant and truly unique.

With WINN PRESTIGE, the crystal is in every surgery
Prestige, Plus, Pro and Pad are metallic furniture compositions designed and made to better furnish medical and orthodontic surgeries. All modules and metal features are made in zinc coated metal sheet and varnished with non-toxic powders.

Edarredo Faster - Mobile Finishing Unit

Perfection requires attention to detail
Faster is recognizable by highest quality materials, innovative and fluent line, easy cleaning, attention to detail, transportability according to the operational requirements.

The mobile unit Faster is the new mobile laboratory dedicated to dental surgeries, ideal for finishing and final touches.

We all know that details are essential to the product quality; Faster is technologically advanced, unmatched for reliability: this all make it the perfect assistant to improve the finishing touches, minimizing time and space loss at work.

→ High Chromatic Stability Lighting
Single Shaft Polishing Unit
Quiet Suction Unit
Suction Speed Control


Size: W500 × D480 × H1120 mm

Weight: Kg. 50,00

Standard equipment:
single shaft polisher 1400 rpm
silent suction system
high chromatic stability lighting
switches for individual appliances
policarbonate protection
built-in handle for easy carrying
support base with self-braking castors
housing for micromotor-handpiece
synthetic fibres filter bag


Elegance, innovation and functionality are the fundamental values of the Lineanova concept. This uniquely Italian designed and manufactured range of dental cabinetry is now available in the UK.

Bespoke Dental Cabinetry

Choose from our full range of dental cabinetry designs, from traditional to contemporary, or ask our team to provide you with custom applications to meet your exact requirements. Using the latest in AutoCAD technology, our team of designers can create the perfect dental furniture for the way you work and your space limitations. From reception desks to dental surgery cabinets, we provide a wide range of products to meet your needs. We also provide decontamination room cabinetry, which is one of the most popular products within our range.

Elegance, innovation and functionality are the fundamental values of the Lineanova concept. This uniquely designed and manufactured range of dental cabinetry is now available in the UK.