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Prestige Medical

Optima B Autoclave

Optima B Autoclave

The new Optima vacuum autoclave delivers greater speed and efficiency.

With Optima’s ‘Flash Steam®’ technology, a vacuum cycle for a full 6 kg load takes as little as 22 minutes – including drying.

The large capacity yet small footprint makes Optima the class leader in efficient autoclaves. Specially designed clip trays allow instruments to be transferred seamlessly from our UltraClean II washer disinfector directly into Optima – eliminating sharps injuries and instrument damage.

More features and benefits...

• Fast cycle times – rapid throughput saves • manpower and reduces instrument inventory
• Simple to use – the full colour menu display is • intuitive and takes you through the process, one step at a time
• Fully compliant to HTM 01-05 best practice guidelines
• Built in direct feed – connects to a suitable water system and built in direct drain for maximum flexibility in siting
• Features a single use water system – removes debris every cycle, reducing wear and tear on your instruments
• Integral data logger for easy, recordable data capture – essential for compliance
• Superb engineering, design excellence and superior quality – Designed and manufactured in the UK, Optima is fully tested and validated for real peace of mind
• Free installation, commissioning and training for your staff by Prestige Medical’s own engineers

UltraClean 3

UltraClean 3

Bench Top & Under Bench Washer Disinfector Dryer

Designed to meet ‘best practice’ requirements

Proven performance and reliability made the UltraClean II range a popular choice for dental practices needing to upgrade to meet best practice standards as defined by the HTM 01-05 guidelines.

Now the new UltraClean 3 range brings the same high quality with the additional advantages of faster cycle times, a glass viewing panel and interior chamber illumination – all at a very competitive price.

More Features and benefits...

• Incorporates a new, 35 minute ‘Quick Cycle’ for faster processing of instruments
• Viewing window and illuminated chamber enables the operator to make a simple check • to ensure the machine is operating correctly
• Fully compliant to EN 15883 and HTM2030 - the recommended ‘best practice’ standard – to give you real peace of mind
• Self-dosing detergent delivers consistent results - reduces waste and costs less per cycle
• Unique air gap prevents backflow pollution to ensure the safe disposal of contaminated fluid as required by BS EN 1717:2001*
• Can be supplied with optional data logger or printer for easy, recordable data capture – essential for compliance
• Seamless hands free process from the dentist, through cleaning to sterilisation in the autoclave, eliminating sharps injuries and instrument damage
• High load capacity - despite its compact size, UltraClean 3 has one of the highest capacities on the market - for cost effective cleaning
• Forced hot air drying removes all moisture on instruments making them sterilisation-ready for the autoclave
• Machines are available to meet specific Scottish NHS and England & Wales NHS requirements – please contact us for more information
* Protection against pollution of potable water in water installations and general requirements of devices to prevent pollution by backflow