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NSK’s strength comes from its consistent “build everything in-house” philosophy; from development to manufacturing, and from jigs to small parts. This enables us to shorten the time to the market, reduce production cost and perform thorough quality assurance.

NSK iClave

NSK iClave

The iClave B class autoclave was designed to sterilise all dental hand pieces including contra-angles and turbines perfectly.

The forced air expulsion system allows the saturated steam to penetrate inside micro-mechanisms and to ensure all internal and external instrument surfaces are fully sterilised. Thanks to the extra ordinary accuracy of the heating system and the elimination of thermal shock, NSK sterilisation systems allows the safe sterilisation of packaged or unpackaged instruments, without risk of premature deterioration.


• Triple door sealed for safety
• Pressure and temperature cross check controls
• Fully computerised controls for maximum stability

Thanks to the unique design of the enclosed trays there is approximately 20% more space within the chamber, thereby allowing more instruments to be sterilised in comparison to other standard systems available.

Pre and post vacuum system

The iClave has a powerful pump for expelling all air before sterilisation and performs an important action of ventilation using a bacteriological filter and a special heating system to ensure perfect drying.

The control panel is fully automatic featuring numerous pre-set programmes. Simply select the desired programme, press Start and the iClave will stop automatically once the required cycle is completed.

The NSK sterilisation system cross checks pressure and temperature to ensure the quality of the saturated steam produced and to better monitor the operation of the heating system. This evaluation process system ensures a safe sterilisation every time the iClave is used.

NSK iCare

NSK iCare

iCare sets a new standard for handpiece maintenance system.

The maintenance of the handpiece can be implemented with the simple touch of buttons because an appropriate cleaning program according to each type, including the volume of lubrication oil to be injected, has been installed. The newly adopted chuck-cleaning function allows dentists to effectively remove dirt and abrasive powder from the inside of the chuck to prevent chuck-related problems. This maintains the optimal condition of handpieces and greatly extends their operating life. The optimisation of the volume of lubrication reduces the running cost. Improved functionality and enhanced cleaning and oil lubrication provide better daily maintenance. The solution for handpiece care is iCare.


• Preset oil volume based on handpiece type
• Consistent cleaning and lubrication with simple operation
• Chuck cleaning function ensures that the chuck is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated
• Low oil cost per handpiece provides a lower lifetime operating cost
• Stylish & compact body that can be installed with limited space

NSK iCare+

NSK iCare+

Cleans, disinfects and lubricates 4 instruments

For perfect treatment

Manual cleaning of instruments does not remove all deposits and residues. Dynamic instruments that are poorly maintained or not adequately cleaned may become damaged and pass on infections to both patients and practicioners.

In-depth research and development

Any instrument used in dentistry must be perfectly cleaned, disinfected and maintained. NSK is aware of the requirements in the daily practice of dentistry and, after many years of research, it has come up with a simple and effective solution thanks to iCare+: Automaitc system for cleaning, disinfecting and lubricating rotary instruments.

Intelligence at the service of your instruments

iCare+ is smart and detects the type of instrument attached to the ports (internal/external spray or without spray) when canals are blocked or the wrong cycle has been selected for a specific instrument to ensure cycle efficiency.

During the different cycles, iCare+ starts the rotation of instruments and injection fo treatment products into all the internal mechanisms and tubing of the instruments to provide deep cleaning and disinfection; a pressure spray simultaneously cleans and disinfects the external surfaces.

Each cycle lasts for a specific duration in compliance with ENISO 15883 to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the n.clean and n.cid solution for the perfect treatment of every instrument.